3 best practices to follow to recruit top talent in the peak season

The peak recruitment season is around the corner, and as a recruiter you would be looking forward to hiring as many top candidates for the job profile as possible to meet your recruitment targets. Although you may have a sound plan and strategy for your 2020 campus recruitment, you must have a clear idea about your hiring needs before you move to the next step of visiting colleges and shortlisting candidates. This includes a good understanding of what talent and skills the job profile requires and the number of students you have to recruit for the position.

Today, recruitment is a data-driven process and to shortlist the best students, you need to use the right tools and technology. Visiting ‘n’ number of colleges may not be the right solution since such an onerous and time-consuming process may always give you the top talent.

Here are three solid strategies you may consider following for your 2020 campus recruitments in the peak season to recruit the best candidates into your firm.

  1. Use a tool that has a good application tracking system
  2. Shortlist the right colleges using your recruitment tool and target them for maximum benefits
  3. Host college job fairs to scout potential candidates and recruit them into your organization

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