5 Top Recruitment Trends 2019: What Recruiters Need To Act On ASAP!

All set with your new recruitment strategy? Well, there’s always scope for improvement! Hiring top talent is no easy task and with more and more companies joining the race. Knowing and embracing the top recruitment trends can help you stay in the game (and ahead of the game if you play your cards well)!

The use of the latest technology, like in every other field, has revolutionized the way recruiters and headhunters work. As a future-ready company, it is time to automate processes and minimize manual efforts to hire right. 

According to industry experts, the biggest factor that is set to change the landscape of recruiting is data. Internet, automation and big data are words to watch out for and are bringing a paradigm shift in the field.

Here are 5 trends which are already sweeping the industry and it is essential for recruiters to align their recruitment strategies accordingly to make the most of what technology has to offer:

AI’s shift in focus to preliminary recruiting processes– Recruiters are not really expecting AI to find the ideal candidate for them (an ideal candidate, like the unicorn, is a myth). What they are looking for is smart assistance and a way to reduce human errors. In 2019, AI is being leveraged to streamline the initial stages of recruitment, like ushering talent into the funnel and then narrowing the funnel. AI is also playing a defining role in improving customer experience through the use of chatbots. With bots reducing the response time to candidate’s queries, recruiters have more time for the more human aspects like face to face interviews and in-depth discussions. 

Use of videos– From candidate interviews, recruitment marketing to onboarding new hires, video as a medium of communication has been becoming more and more popular with recruiters. Advertising your employee value proposition through videos has become a highly effective way of attracting the attention of qualified candidates. Job descriptions on job sites can also be presented in the form of videos and this is just one of the ways that videos are being innovatively leveraged to create a lasting impression. Other cutting-edge functions of videos include facial expression analysis for behavioral analysis and truth detection. 

Integration is the main focus– Too much technology has its downside. Recruiters can often feel overwhelmed by all the options out there. Going in for the next-big-thing app is not always the most effective strategy. To overcome this roadblock, recruiters are beginning to focus on integration so that instead of working with many different technologies, there is a more streamlined process in place so that more human relationships can be established with clients and candidates. Integrating the company’s tech stack will help in making the hiring process more fluid and optimize the management of data.  

More focus on potential than the perfect candidate– Perfection, as we have already established, is an illusion. And instead of chasing the notion of the ideal candidate, recruiters are getting smarter by assessing the potential of a candidate instead of considering only experience. With the war to grab the best talent on in full swing, it is a sensible option sometimes, to select a candidate who probably has only a part of the must-have qualities so that he/she can be trained later for the specific role. Some of the ‘hire for potential’ parameters include  work readiness, the ability to learn quickly and  knowledge of the latest advances in their field (even if not related to the job description). Problem solving scenarios in interviews is another effective way of assessing how creative and unconventional an approach the candidate displays. 

Go mobile– More and more sites are being moved to the mobile-first indexing process by Google as research points towards an exponential use of mobiles instead of laptops. Studies show about 45% of candidates use their cell phones at least once a day for job hunting while 16% of applicants use their phones to apply for jobs. Making your website mobile-friendly and creating user-friendly apps is the first step to keeping up with the 2019 recruitment trends. 

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