6 Benefits of Using Automated Recruitment Platforms

The recruitment market is a highly competitive one, to state the obvious. And it can often turn into a nightmare with a mountain of paperwork, pending deliverables, miscommunication and human errors, to name a few. 

The growing need to hire more and more qualified employees with specialised skill sets adds to the challenge. Luckily automation has helped address many of these pain points and more and more smart recruiters are using recruitment software and platforms to recruit better. 

Here’s how using a recruitment platform can help you:

Improves recruiter efficiency– Automating recruitment is the first step to going paperless. Automation platforms increase efficiency by helping in identifying the right fit from a large talent pool through data analytics. Working from anywhere becomes possible through the use of web and mobile apps so that you have all the resources at your fingertips. The days of manual efforts are gradually becoming passe with recruitment software keeping competitors ahead of competition. 

Performs tedious tasks– One major boon of technology is that a lot of tedious and repetitive tasks are being automated, freeing up time for recruiters to do more meaningful work and create a more human connection with candidates. A lot of industry veterans feel that technology and AI should not be feared. Contrary to popular belief, they will not be replacing jobs but increasing the overall efficiency of these jobs. 

Timely communication– Timely communication with applicants speaks volumes about your work culture. How many times have you been left perplexed and disappointed after an interview as the person in question hasn’t responded in time or has been vague in communication? Automated recruitment can take care of this crucial aspect through automated response emails so that applicants know exactly where they stand. Recruitment platforms can greatly improve channels of communication by keeping all concerned parties in the loop. 

Streamlined data collection from candidates– The more people apply, the more the number of rounds- the more data you have. And this data needs to be curated, managed and analyzed. An efficient platform does just that. Conclusions can be reached on aspects such as candidate response, how many people viewed your adverts and how many applied for the role in total etc through data analytics conducted by the recruitment platform. When a vast amount of data is available, the scope for human error is big. But smart recruiters who use the latest technology, need not worry about such lapses as AI and ML can not only help you select the right person, it can also predict results for you. 

Discover better candidates– This is easily one of the main reasons why organizations are opting for automation. A bad hire can cost a company a lot of money, time and energy. And unfortunately enough, that’s a pretty common scenario (as most recruiters would agree). But when the data crunching is done on your behalf, overall results can be pretty great! There are software that can analyze patterns of successful hires to predict which candidate has the best chance of being a great fit. 

Available around the clock– Unless you’re taking your work back home or you’re a bit of a night owl, traditional recruiting is not a 24/7 job. But a recruitment platform is available to you throughout the day and night, boosting your efficiency and allowing you to respond to situations lightning fast. 

Using the latest technology can help you increase your efficiency 10-fold. Interested in knowing more? Get in touch with the Calyxpod team of experts to learn more!