Benefits of using a recruitment platform for campus Placement

The season of campus placement can be especially strenuous for college placement officials as they are under a lot of pressure to ensure that their college can boast of an impressive placement record. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to put in more hours to achieve the set targets.

‘Work smarter, not harder’- This adage holds true regardless of the industry we work in. The process of recruitment involves a lot of routine manual activities that can be time-consuming. Automating such activities can help you utilize your time better.

A good recruitment platform can perform complex or time-consuming tasks with utmost ease and also helps minimize human error. Here’s why should consider using a recruitment platform for your campus recruitment drive:

  • Reduces manual labor: As the complete process is automated, it immediately cuts down on a lot of unnecessary paperwork. Also, as it performs a range of functions, human intervention is not needed in a lot of these intermediate steps.
  • Streamlines the recruitment process: Traditional methods of recruitment are too chaotic as they are not equipped to deal with such an enormous amount of data. A recruitment platform streamlines this huge chunk of data using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and makes the data more easily accessible.
  • Serves as a communication platform: A recruitment platform like Calyxpod can encourage more interaction between students and alumni. The alumni network is an invaluable resource for any college as they can help the current students get placed. In addition to that, students can also be in touch with the placement officers for updates regarding the organizations that would be coming for campus placement.
  • Maintains consistency through data standardization: Standardized formats are available for resume, reports and other infographics so that information is well organized and easily comprehensible.
  • Real-time tracking of applicants: The status of the applicants can be tracked by both you as well as the organization. Also, details regarding their candidacy, the number of offers that a candidate has received and if they have accepted any placement offers can be easily accessed by you. In addition to tracking, it can also schedule interviews and notify the students regarding the same.
  • Helps conduct job fairs: A job fair is a large scale event that involves a lot of planning and management. For instance, it includes sending out invitations to a number of different organizations, helping them set up booths, etc. A recruitment platform can help you manage all these arduous tasks.
  • Makes the process more transparent: As students receive timely updates regarding their candidacy, there’s no element of ambiguity. It further helps build trust among students, placement officers and organizations.

Calyxpod is one such recruitment platform that can perform such complex tasks with ease. You can approach us to make your college recruitment drive a success. You can log onto our website https://companies.calyxpod.com/recruitment-solutions to know more about us.