Best Interview Strategy to Follow for 2020 Recruitment

There’s a famous quote “Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers”, and it holds very true when it comes to preparing the right strategy for the interview rounds for your 2020 recruitment.

Conducting an interview in campus recruitment requires sound planning and execution since this round will play a major role in determining which candidates get shortlisted to join your firm. Interviews not only give an insight into the subject proficiency of students but also paves the way to discover more about the interviewees in terms of their communication or interpersonal skills, their true interest and their overall personality.

As a recruiter, ensure that you have a solid strategy for interviewing the candidates or follow these time-tested strategies to shortlist the top candidates at the campus drive.

  • Choose the right interviewers: Choose experienced and observant individuals for the interview panel. The goal of the interview is to evaluate the candidate as a person and a prospective employee. Only a trained and experienced person can go beyond the surface and help you shortlist the top talent.
  • Ask appropriate questions: Appropriate questions not only help in upkeeping the interest of the students but also reveal a lot about them in general. Come up with scenario-based challenges to check whether the candidate is able to come up with practical solutions.
  • Be attentive to students: Listen to what they say attentively. Half the evaluation is completed if you listen to what they say keenly. You will be able to identify inconsistencies, assess their communication skills, and have an overall understanding of the individual.
  • Describe your company and brand: Every candidate has the right to know in-depth about the company and its policies, work culture, rules and regulations. Discuss these facts in detail with them to keep them interested in the interview.
  • Keep a check on time: Have an eye on the clock. Do not exceed the time limit set for each candidate and ensure to gather all the information about them within the assigned time period.
  • Elicit relevant information: Apart from academic information, engage students in a conversation that would give you an insight into their non-curricular achievements and hobbies. You will understand the candidate better and can take an informed decision.

Having a sound interviewing strategy saves you time and effort and also helps you identify the right talent for the job profile. If you are new to recruiting and require assistance to recruit the best talent and meet your recruitment numbers for your 2020 campus drive, reach out to Calyxpod. You can also visit our website https://companies.calyxpod.com/recruitment-solutions to understand more about our team and services.