Calyxpod: The interactive platform for students, alumni and placement teams

Alumni are the brand ambassadors of your institution. They are the people who were once closely associated with your institution and thus, strongly endorse your brand’s core values. They might also share their college experience with friends, co-workers, current and prospective students which helps promote your college. Moreover, they give back to the institution in more ways than one as they often provide financial support and offer to help students in their areas of expertise. Therefore, it’s essential to have good relations with them and keep them updated regarding the progress of the institution.

As the TPOs are an essential link between the students and organizations, they must coordinate with them both. Details of the companies visiting the campus for placement, job profiles, date and venue of the interview and recruitment process must be relayed accurately and promptly to the students. The college officials must also communicate with organizations as they need to stay abreast with details such as information related to the company, job profiles they are recruiting for and remuneration offered.

Effective communication is key to an organization’s success. It’s absolutely crucial for students and college officials to be in sync in order to have a smooth and a hassle-free placement drive. As the future of students is at stake, you must ensure that there’s no lapse in communication. They must be immediately informed about all the important placement related activities that they must be aware of. Therefore, you need to have a communication platform in place where students, alumni and placement officials can interact with each other.

Calyxpod is a recruitment platform that’s built for seamless communication. Take a look at the list of benefits that you can reap by using Calyxpod:

Immediate updates regarding placement activities: With Calyxpod, TPOs now have a platform where they can relay all the important information to students. Students can be notified well in advance with decisive information including the companies coming for placement, date and venue of interviews, job description and salary. Additionally, students will receive instant notifications about their performance in interviews.

Clarification of doubts: Students might have a number of doubts and queries related to the placement process. With the help of Calyxpod, students can openly post their queries and get their doubts clarified.

Essential placement interview tips for students: Alumni are often eager to mentor students and help them out with tips and suggestions to perform well in campus interviews. Calyxpod serves as a knowledge sharing platform for students, alumni and students as both alumni as well as the TPOs can help students come up with an effective strategy for campus placement and provide career support.

Helps address issues: Sometimes, it just so happens that there’s some lapse in the campus recruitment drive. But students must never have to suffer for no fault of their own. With Calyxpod, students can easily bring such issues to the TPOs’ notice who can help address their issues at the earliest.

Leverage alumni network for recruitment: Calyxpod can also be used as an alumni portal. It helps build good alumni relations and keeps them engaged and updated regarding any new developments in the institution. The alumni network can also be used to route employment opportunities for students.

With Calyxpod, information can be shared effortlessly, leaving no room for lapses in communication. Also, as the platform is completely secure, you don’t have to worry about sharing confidential information. To know more about Calyxpod, log onto https://companies.calyxpod.com/recruitment-solutions