How Calyxpod makes pre-qualifying candidates easy

The HR spends a lot of time going through long lists of colleges, selecting ones where students match the skill sets they are looking for. Sometimes, the HR visits a large number of campuses in a very short span of time to identify and shortlist the best candidates for the job profile. This tedious process can be transformed into a productive one if the company invests some time in pre-qualifying candidates based on a few criteria, rather than visiting all the colleges and hiring only a few of them. This practice helps save a lot of time and effort and also results in targeting only the best candidates from all colleges.

But to pre-qualify candidates, you would need the help of an intelligent automation tool to identify all the possible colleges that you may consider to shortlist candidates from based on some criteria such as minimum qualifying marks, candidate skills, hands-on experience working on a certain technology, etc. Calyxpod can help you help you pre-qualify candidates by providing you with an automatic recruitment tool and also the required recruitment services that you can make use before conducting campus recruitment drives.

Why do you need Calyxpod?

Calypod can offer you a one-of-a-kind automation tool whose intelligent and data-driven software makes pre-qualifying candidates an easy and efficient process. Built on the latest technology, it has the capability to assist the recruiters in each and every step of campus recruitment, making the process a completely streamlined and well-organized one. Be it candidate sourcing, screening or shortlisting based on set criteria, the Calyxpod software intelligently and efficiently carries out the task using its well-designed data searching and filtering capabilities that give you the desired results with a click of a few buttons.

How Calyxpod can help you pre-qualify candidates?

Pre-qualifying is a process where the HR team from a company pre-selects a set of students from the colleges it plans to visit based on certain criteria to focus on evaluating the shortlisted ones for specific skills during the campus recruitment drive.

So how does Calyxpod help in pre-qualifying candidates? Here are the pointers that explain the process in a detailed manner.

  • Normalization of scores: Different colleges may follow different grading systems; for instance, some may follow a CGPA of 5 points while others may have CGPA of 10 points while other colleges may have a percentage grading system. Calyxpod helps to normalise all the grades and make it available in a single format. Our software will then allow you to filter the top 5 or top 10 candidates with the best scores, making it easy for the HR or interviewer to recruit the right candidates.
  • AI and ML aids in intelligent decision making: At Calyxpod, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques are used while screening candidates for a particular criterion which helps the HR to make the right decisions. AI and ML allows you to filter out the top 5 or 10 candidates based on their scores, skills, etc., and select the top performers for interviewing after which they can be on-boarded into the company.
  • Relevant assessment tests: The Calyxpod team comprises of experts who can create customized assessment tests for you to effectively evaluate the skills of the students. For instance, if the HR wants students with good problem-solving or computer coding abilities, the Calyxpod team will designs assessments that assess these skills in the students and using AI and ML techniques, the top performers are shortlisted by the intelligent tool based on their overall scores for the HR to focus on in further rounds.

Pre-qualifying candidates are the way forward as far as campus recruitments are concerned, and in order to successfully pre-select the right candidates for further evaluation, you can take the assistance of Calyxpod. At Calyxpod, we can help you filter the candidates based on specific skill sets, identify discrepancies and inconsistencies if any, design appropriate assessment tests for the students and help the HR in intelligent decision making. Visit our website https://companies.calyxpod.com/recruitment-solutions for more information.