How to Use AI Efficiently for Your 2020 recruitment

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of recruitment and is contributing substantially to the smooth execution of campus recruitment and hiring the right person for the right job. AI has played a big role in eliminating bias and improving the quality of hire, especially when recruiters have a multitude of tasks to take care of in a campus recruitment drive. As more and more recruiters begin their 2020 campus recruitment, two things become clear:

  • There is a constant innovation happening in the recruitment market
  • Using AI in campus recruitments is only improving the quality of hire

Thus, it is not incorrect to say that an AI-powered campus recruitment not only provides you with the finest talent from various colleges but also helps you meet your recruitment numbers and onboard the best fit into your firm. Along with this, AI also helps to

  • Improve candidate experience
  • Eliminate bias
  • Make campus recruitments time and cost-effective

If you are entering the recruiting market to hire candidates for your 2020 campus recruitments, here are 5 solid ways that you can use AI efficiently and hire the best students for your company.

  1. Include AI-Powered Chatbots: Using an intelligent recruitment tool is not the only way to get more applications since candidates might need some assistance during the entire process. As an HR, it may not be humanly possible for you to guide every person and could become a rather time-consuming affair. Having a chatbot to assist candidates with the preliminary application filling process can be a great option and an essential add-on to your recruitment software. And chatbots, if used in the right way, can also help improve the candidate experience and enhance your chances of targeting the right talent.
  2. Create a Perfect Job Description: In this fiercely competitive job market, finding the right talent for your job profile is an arduous process. To attract more and more candidates to check out your job profile, you must put a well-described job advert online and share the same on multiple platforms to catch the attention of the candidate. Job advert is where the journey of a student and a recruiter begins and a good job description is sure to get candidates interested in your profile. Artificial intelligence uses data and predictive analytics techniques to analyze the candidates reading through such job descriptions and gives you an in-depth report about the same. With this information you can filter out individuals who have visited your advert based on their skills and target them for your 2020 campus recruitments. Through this method, AI also helps in creating a good brand recognition for your firm among different students and colleges across the country.
  3. Build Good Relationship with the Candidates: While planning your campus recruitment for 2020, you would want to focus on students who actively go through your job description and complete the application processes and also those who read your job advert but not proceed with applying for the same. Such individuals are called passive candidates and as a recruiter, it is important for you to build a good relationship with them as well. Passive candidates are also potential talent that you can hire for the job profile and for this purpose, you must engage with them as well. Thus, to proactively build a good candidate relationship, you must target the active as well as passive candidates.
  4. Eliminate Prejudice and Bias: Sometimes recruiters can be biased when screening candidates in order to ensure they hire the top talent from the campus and in that attempt, deviate their focus from those potential students who could have been a much better choice for the same job profile. With AI integrated recruitment, data analytics helps you make an appropriate prediction on a candidate’s likelihood to pass your evaluation process and get shortlisted for the job profile. Based on the skill set required for your job, the algorithms help you find the right talent for your firm.
  5. Reduce the Scope of Cheating with Video Calling: With advancement in technology, recruiters can also conduct interviews on video calls instead of physically visiting the campuses and evaluate candidates for various skills required for the job profile. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can help seamlessly conduct an online interview; the system can also detect any suspicious behaviour of a candidate and alert the recruiter about the same, helping them shortlist the right individual for the job.

Artificial intelligence is indeed a powerful technological add-on that recruiters can implement in their campus recruitment process. It not only helps to identify and evaluate the right candidates but also helps in conducting a bias-free, well-monitored recruitment drive. If you are a recruiter looking to conduct an AI-powered campus drive, Calyxpod can provide you with the required assistance. Visit us at https://companies.calyxpod.com/recruitment-solutions to learn about how we can assist you with your campus recruitments