Make your campus recruitment drive more transparent with Calyxpod

What is transparency and why is it important?

“The single most important ingredient in the recipe for success is transparency because transparency builds trust”- Denise Morrison. Now, this quote shows just how integral transparency is when it comes to building trust. The Business Dictionary defines transparency as a lack of hidden agendas and conditions, accompanied by the availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making. In other words, it’s imperative that you fully disclose any information to the concerned parties that is required for smooth functioning. Transparency leads to better and more effective communication. Also, when there’s transparency, people can provide valuable feedback which may result in process improvement.

Why does your campus placement drive need to be transparent?

Even when it comes to campus recruitment, colleges need to ensure that they do not conceal any important information from both students as well as the organizations. You must abstain from inflating your campus placement records. Also, students must have complete access to information regarding the companies coming for placement, job profiles, their work culture, pay being offered, etc. In other words, they must be kept in the loop about all the important placement activities. Moreover, college officials must also ensure that organizations visiting the campus for placement are honest about the job profiles, remuneration and bonds (if there are any). Now, transparency is a two-way street. You need to be transparent in order for the other party to be transparent. Therefore, college officials must be honest about their college’s accomplishments, the performance of students, coursework of various academic programs being offered, skills that students are trained in, etc.

How can Calyxpod help increase transparency?

Transparency in the campus placement drive can be broken down into two components- Transparency with organizations and transparency with students. Now, let us examine how Calyxpod can help make your campus placement drive more transparent:

Transparency with organizations:

Information regarding the profile of students: It is necessary to ensure that accurate and updated information of students such as their academic records and contact information including their email address, contact number, etc be relayed to the hiring managers. Calyxpod provides companies with an easy access to student profiles to ensure data accuracy.

Easy accessibility of reports: Important reports can be seamlessly shared with organizations for their easy perusal. Calyxpod presents data in a graphical form that is easy to comprehend. It also helps minimize error as these reports are generated automatically.

Real-time activity tracking: This feature allows TPOs to schedule placement related activities and share them with organizations so that they can track the drive as well. It not only makes managing real-time data easy but also helps view historical data. As it lets you closely monitor your progress, it leads to better productivity and efficiency.

Interact with TPOs and students: Calyxpod is an interactive tool for organizations, students and TPOs. Therefore, TPOs can now have an open line of communication with organizations and students. Any updates regarding placement activities can be directly conveyed, leaving no room for lack of communication or miscommunication.

Transparency with students:

Details about the job description: As it provides an overview of the tasks, duties and skills required for the job, it is undoubtedly the most important factor for students that helps them determine firstly, if they are interested in the role and secondly, if they are eligible for it. Needless to say, there must be complete transparency regarding job descriptions. Calyxpod helps TPOs notify students about the job description even before the companies visit the campus for placement.

Instant updates about their performance: Feedback is an integral part of growth. With Calyxpod, students are continuously notified about their performance at every stage. Also, they are instantly notified about any new developments such as companies coming for placement, change in dates, etc. which makes the recruitment process completely transparent. As they are kept in the loop regarding all important placement activities, they do not lose out on any good opportunities.

Information regarding recruitment trends: Recruitment trends give students a fair idea of the number of students that are likely to be hired by an organization in the near future. This helps them prepare for placement accordingly as they are now aware of the level of competency that’s expected from them.

Details about pay and other benefits: Pay is one of the most important factors that students consider when they register for a company drive. Therefore, there must be complete transparency regarding the salary being offered by the companies. Students can now  be easily notified through a mobile app about the salary, paid leaves, flexible compensation, etc. being offered by a company.

Knowledge about the recruitment process: Students should have a good understanding of the various steps involved in the campus recruitment process. With Calyxpod, you have a platform in place where any doubts or issues related to placement can be promptly addressed. This not only makes the process more transparent but also helps address any issues.

Transparency plays a pivotal role in the success of an organization. Similarly, it is of paramount importance when it comes to conducting a successful campus recruitment drive. Use Calyxpod to make your campus placement drive more transparent. For more information related to Calyxpod, visit https://companies.calyxpod.com/recruitment-solutions