Manage your data well with Calyxpod: Here’s How

Colleges use a large volume of student data on a daily basis. Be it for admissions and counseling or for campus placements, student information is required for all these processes. For a placement officer, scrolling through multiple spreadsheets to access the desired information is an arduous and time-taking process which can also cause confusion. Along with the existing data, collecting and compiling fresh data is again a  tedious process. Today, with numerous modern methods of managing data being widely accepted, it is imperative that the conventional practice of maintaining multiple spreadsheets can not be the right solution. It also has a number of disadvantages:

  • Data loss: Manually managing a large volume of student data is quite impossible. This is because there is a high chance of mismanagement which can lead to data loss when you are updating, editing or even accessing certain information. This will hamper all the processes that are data-dependent and lead to unwanted expenditure in recovering the lost data.
  • Redundant entries: Multiple entries of the same information can be made when editing or updating any data manually. This leads to confusion and affect the decision making process. Identifying redundancies and correcting them is again an onerous process which will consume your precious time.
  • Tedious analysis: As a TPO, you would often find yourself in a situation where you need to compare different student details or carry out in-depth analysis to make important decisions. With an enormous amount of student data in hand, it is not feasible for you to go through all the details and take strategic decisions on that basis.
  • Lack of timely access: Remote access to required details would not be possible if the data is stored in a standalone server. Each time you would have to manually connect to the server to look for the smallest of information that you need. This consumes a major chunk of your time and affects other tasks that are lined up for you.  

Today, improved and advanced technology allows you to easily store and manage all information on a centralised platform. You can access any detail, anytime remotely and save a lot of time and effort. The online platform takes care of all the above issues and allows you to leverage its Artificial Intelligence feature to analyse large chunks of data and make an informed decision. Calyxpod is one such intelligent tool that you can use to manage your data better. Here are some amazing features of Calyxpod:

  • Centralised platform: Calyxpod provides a single,central platform for storing and managing all student data. It also helps you to access any information – be it academic records of the students or their performance in extra curricular activities- anytime with the click of a button. You can apply filters to extract exact information you require, instead of scrolling down all details.
  • Standardised data viewing: A standardised view of information aids in efficient decision making. Calyxpod allows you to upload, update and share data in a standardised format which gives a better clarity to anyone viewing the data on this platform. The placement officers can track the performance of the students since the tool provides better transparency as well.
  • Easy analysis of data: Calyxpod in built using Artificial Intelligence technique. This helps analyse the data and with the help of statistics and graphs to make informed decisions essential for building a solid strategy for campus placement drives. As a TPO, you can also analyse the performance of students and counsel them appropriately, highlighting their weak areas and solution to improve the same.
  • Remote accessibility: Calyxpod is an online platform that can be accessed from anywhere, on the go. You only require access to the Internet to log into the portal and access all the information that you require. Calyxpod allows you to log into the online portal using your phone, tablets, desktops and laptops, thereby giving you a versatile options for access.
  • Real-time information sharing: Calyxpod’s real-time information sharing feature helps TPOs, companies and students to stay updated with the latest information. All details regarding campus placement drives, student details, information about the college etc. can be shared on the go, and notifications regarding important dates can also be sent via emails and SMSes.

The above discussed features make Calyxpod the one-stop solution for all campus placement-related issues. As a TPO, you can rely on Calyxpod to make strategic decisions for their campus placement drives and ensure that their students are trained and counselled well for the placement season. For more information about this online platform, visit https://companies.calyxpod.com/recruitment-solutions