Organize a successful college career fair with Calyxpod

When somebody mentions a career fair, we immediately picture organizations setting up booths and job seekers approaching them with hope in their eyes. A career fair is a large scale all-day event that provides an opportunity for job seekers to network with their potential employers. Organizing a successful career fair can be an arduous task as it involves candidates continuously bustling about. Moreover, it can get increasingly difficult to manually manage such a huge number of registrations as students from a number of different colleges flock to your career fair to find suitable employment opportunities.

Now, conducting a career fair entails a lot of legwork and planning. Needless to say, coming up with a sound strategy for it would be a time-consuming process as you need to cater to both organizations as well as the students. You need to decide on a date and time that would be convenient and ensure maximum attendance. In addition to this, you also need to decide if you will be conducting a general career fair or stick to specific industries. Once you have decided this, you need to make a list of organizations that you would like to invite to your career fair.

Normally, an event of this scale requires a lot of manpower but thanks to Calyxpod, you would need less manpower as it automates all the important management activities. Also, you would only have to oversee the operation and not have to micromanage each activity. Let us further look at ways in which Calyxpod can help you conduct a flawless career fair :

Real-time management of activities: Organizing a career fair is a dynamic affair as you need to analyze any shortcomings in your operations and fix them in real-time. It requires both problem-solving skills and proper management. Once, you have real-time information such as the number of sign-ups and attendees, it would be a lot easier for you to manage your career fair more effectively. Furthermore, you can also configure additional activities and track them easily using this feature.

Send out invitations to schools and organizations: After you have completed making a list of prospective organizations that you want to invite, comes the tedious process of contacting the recruiting managers of each organization, requesting them to attend your event. With Calyxpod you can now easily invite as many organizations and colleges that you wish for your career fair.

A standardized resume template for students: Recruiters get an idea of the skills, background, achievements, etc of the students when they peruse through their resume. It further helps them assess if a student would be a good fit in their organization. A standardized resume template makes it easy for the recruiter to browse through their resume as it provides all the relevant data in a structured manner.

On the spot registration: Students can easily register for the event on the spot regardless of whether the student is registered on Calyxpod or not. Each student is issued with a common admit card that has a QR code that can be easily scanned to mark their attendance.

Makes the process paperless: As the entire process is now paperless, students no longer have to fill out individual application forms. It also makes the job of the recruiters really easy as all the required information can now be easily accessed online.

As stated earlier, successfully managing a career fair is no mean feat as it involves a substantial amount of planning and legwork. Turn to Calyxpod to ensure the success of your career fair. You can visit our website to know more about Calyxpod and its features https://companies.calyxpod.com/recruitment-solutions