Should Summer Interns be Offered Full-Time Jobs?

A summer internship program is the perfect testing ground for companies to gauge a candidate’s abilities and see if he’s a good fit for the company. Although internships are a great way for students to gain experience and learn about the inner workings of the industry they are interested in, it can be an excellent opportunity for an organization to find new talent. Also, most students are eager to be considered for a full-time opportunity after the completion of their internship. So, here’s why you should consider absorbing interns into your organization as full-time employees:

  • Familiar with the work culture: During the internship program, they develop a good understanding of the company rules and guidelines. Also, they have a fair idea of how the team functions on a daily basis.  
  • Higher job satisfaction: Interns who have been offered full time positions tend to have higher job satisfaction as they have expressed interest in their field of work.
  • Good rapport with superiors: As they share a close working relationship with their immediate superiors, their superiors have a good understanding of their abilities and achievements. Apart from senior members of the company, interns can also have a good relationship with other employees of the organization.
  • Sound understanding of work: As they have worked on various projects, they still have a good idea regarding the nature of work. Thus, they definitely have an edge over freshers in this regard.
  • Proven track record: Having completed assigned tasks in time, they definitely have accomplishments and achievements that you need to take into consideration. Along with their past performance, you should also look at their  eagerness to learn and hone their skills.
  • No settling in time: They can hit the ground running as they don’t need additional time to settle in since they  are already familiar with the workplace and the inner workings of the organization.

Hiring from a pool of interns can be an excellent strategy as you no longer have the need to scout for new talent. Therefore, you can consider hiring summer interns if they show promise and prove to be a good fit for the company. For other recruitment-related assistance, you may visit https://companies.calyxpod.com/recruitment-solutions