Single vs pooled Campus drives: The best choice for your 2020 campus recruitment

With the advent of placement season, colleges, students and recruiters alike are prepping for the recruitment drive. Every college has a placement cell that is headed by training and placement officers who coordinate with both the organizations and the students. The process of college recruitment starts way before companies reach the college campus. Firstly, the alumni network is one of the key resources a college leverages as it can aid in student recruitment. Secondly, colleges look at organizations that have visited them in the past for recruitment. Thirdly, the placement coordinators send out invitations to other organizations that they wish to call for campus placement.

Similarly, organizations  have to come up with a sound recruitment strategy that involves deciding which colleges to target and when to approach them for campus recruitment. When it comes to choosing a campus, you need to look at the academic programs being offered by the institution and whether they are relevant to the job profiles you are hiring for. When you approach the colleges for recruitment is also equally important as you don’t want to be too late or you might lose out on some of the best talent.

When it comes to campus recruitment, you can either opt for single campus placement drive or a pooled one. A single campus placement drive is a traditional campus recruitment drive wherein organizations visit the college campus that they are invited to. On the contrary, a pooled campus drive is technically an off campus drive wherein students from different colleges can register for the recruitment drive directly on your company’s website or it can be routed through a third party agency.  It is of paramount importance to look at ways to optimize your recruitment drive as it helps cut down on costs and saves precious time. So, here are a few factors that you need to consider before you decide which method of recruitment to employ.

  • Diversity: Diversity in a work-place leads to a culture of acceptance and innovation and subsequently enhances the performance of employees. A pooled campus drive has students coming from different strata of society. So you will have students from different educational and cultural backgrounds.On the other hand, when you visit a single college campus, you might not find the same amount of diversity that you would in a pooled campus recruitment drive.
  • Increase brand awareness: When you visit a college campus, you get an opportunity to engage with the students. These college students can serve as your brand ambassadors if you manage to captivate their interest and can also help attract the best talent.
  • Talent pool: As pooled campus drive has students coming in from a number of different colleges instead of just one, you will definitely have a larger talent pool as you might get an opportunity to recruit the best talent from different colleges.    
  • Travel cost: In case of single campus drive, an organization has to dispatch different teams of recruiters to each college campus which involves a lot of traveling expenditure. Hence, organizations have a select list of colleges that they visit. The history that they share with the colleges plays an important role in determining which college campus to visit. In comparison, a pooled campus recruitment drive is relatively cheaper as you only need to visit the host college.
  • Management capabilities: The process of conducting a campus recruitment drive can be a strenuous one for a recruiter. However, the college officials generally make sure that the recruitment process is as streamlined as possible.  In case of a pooled campus drive, there’s bound to be a lot of chaos as there will be a lot of students from different colleges taking part. Conducting a pooled campus recruitment also involves a great deal of planning and requires flawless execution of the same.
  • Academic programs available: An organization may have a number of different openings. While targeting the schools for campus placement, you need to consider the academic programs being offered  by the institutions and check if they are relevant to the openings that you have at your firm. If a college has excellent programs that are related to the profiles you are hiring for, conducting an on-campus recruitment drive may fetch you better results in a short period of time.

If you are a recruiter who’s in a dilemma or have other pertinent questions, examine the factors listed above to check if they are in line with your needs. For everything else, there’s Calyxpod. Visit us at https://companies.calyxpod.com/recruitment-solutions to know more about us and our services.