Upgrading recruitment practices to achieve maximum student placements

Good placement opportunities insure the future of students as they don’t have to struggle to find a suitable job after they graduate from college. Needless to say, students look for a college with an excellent placement record. Thus, colleges are also increasingly focusing on upgrading their arsenal so as to have an impeccable campus placement record. This includes using the latest technology to drive your campus recruitment drive.

To ensure maximum number of students get placed, every college must ensure an effective placement and training cell. Placement and training officers or PTOs take care of all the activities pertaining to placement. They also interact with past and potential recruiters for their campus placement drive. In addition to that, their other responsibilities include keeping the students in loop about the organizations that will be arriving for placement. In other words, they are the link between the students and the organizations. Here are some simple suggestions and tips that your college placement cell can follow to enrich your campus placement drive:

  • Offer pre-placement training and career support: As students don’t have much industry experience, they require adequate training and know-how of the industry standards and expectations. The placement cell must also offer pre-placement training so as to provide them with the necessary tools such as mock tests, mock interviews etc. which will help them acquire a suitable job. Moreover, they must also provide career counseling services that can help students map out their careers.
  • Build a strong alumni network: Every college likes to boast of a strong alumni network and rightly so. Alumni would be more than willing to help their juniors and recruitment could be routed through them. An interactive platform for students, PTOs and alumni could be an excellent way for students and PTOs to get in touch with the alumni where the students can be informed about possible recruitment opportunities. Moreover, alumni can also help students by providing them with other useful information.
  • Implement an Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Both colleges and recruiters are now turning to modern methods of campus recruitment so as to make the recruitment process more streamlined and hassle-free. It can be an arduous task to keep track of all the students, whether they have been selected for subsequent rounds of interviews, if they have been offered jobs by the companies and if the students have accepted the offers and so on. A recruitment system such as ATS is needed to manage such an enormous amount of information.

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