Why should you now start planning for 2020 batch?

It’s the beginning of 2019 and you’re probably wondering why you should be thinking of your 2020 recruitment plan. Well, the advancement in technology and software has changed the recruitment process over the years and these changes are only going to be more revolutionary in the coming years for those of you working in the recruitment sector. The most dynamic, volatile and revolutionary advancement has definitely been automation and how HR processes are now made more organized and simplified through AI. The year 2020 promises more changes in the recruitment and HR sector and in order to be prepared for the impact of many of these changes upon your market sectors, your company must have a plan well in advance in order to tackle these changes with ease. The changes in technology are not the only reason you should start planning your 2020 recruitment now if you want to stay ahead of the competition and ensure you get only the top candidates from your targeted colleges are other reasons why you should start planning now. Here are the Top 4 reason to start planning for your 2020 recruitment.

1. Be able to schedule campus drives based on your preferences – The first step to planning your recruitment drive is to know the recruitment season for each college. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, getting to your target campus first or at the start of the hiring season, should be your goal. However, getting to the colleges first would mean you’ll have to plan your recruitment strategy in advance so you are well organized and prepared to scan, asses and interview potential candidates.

2. Adapt to the new emerging trends – 2018 saw a lot of change in the recruitment field both in technology and recruitment strategy, companies who failed to see these changes coming followed traditional methods of recruitment and were left behind by their competitors who anticipated these changes and framed their recruitment module accordingly. Just like 2019, 2020 also promises a lot more changes both in recruitment technology and strategy. Planning your hiring strategy now will prompt you to research more about the upcoming recruitment trends and hence give you enough time to create a scalable recruitment plan that allows you to easily modify your strategy according to new trends that may emerge during the year.  

3. Being able to set the right assessments – When you plan your recruitment for 2020 well in advance, you are presented with an ample amount of time to plan and set your assessments easily. With time on your hands, you can consult the technical team of the department your recruiting for and frame better questions that will efficiently asses a student’s skill and knowledge about the subject. This will help you onboard better quality heirs for your organizations.

4.Train Interviewers as required – Another reason to plan or start your 2020recruitment early is to train your interviewers. It’s important for the interviewer to ask the right questions in order to asses whether a candidate is suitable not only for the job role but to also ensure the candidate is a good cultural fit for the organization.
So here you have it, every reason you need to start your planning for your 2020 recruitment now. If you feel you may not have the time needed to plan your strategy in advance contact Calyxpod. Our services are tailored to ensure you are on track with your hiring by providing services that help you reach your hiring numbers. Visit us at https://companies.calyxpod.com/recruitment-solutions to know more about how we can help you.